Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Adventures, 1 Day

I love the start of new mods at university, it means no homework for the first week. I have been partying like a rockstar!

Today, mis amigos and I went on a day trip to three places.

Location #1: Sausalito, CA.
We visited Muir Woods to admire the Redwood Trees that were starred in Planet of the Apes. Besides the swerved roads and the amount of pain pushing my nasal because of the change in pressure, the Redwoods were beautiful and the two mile hike around the forest was peaceful. You are not allowed to take the leaves from the forest, walk on the forest ground, or touch the plants that are not in the man made path in hopes of preserving the natural state of the forest. My favorite thing about Muir Woods was the location. It is on top of the hills, away from the city, and the walk was so shady and relaxing, I was practically sleep walking. I also liked the little hidden areas in between branches, in tree barks, and in random holes in the dirt. The whole time, we were conversing on where we would hide/survive if we were in the Hunger Games.

Location #2: San Francisco, CA.
According to my previous post, this is my second time in San Francisco this week, which is a lot considering the fact that I have been planning on taking a day trip there, but instead I took two unplanned ones. My friends and I went to Pier 39 for some good old fashion tourist sights. We ate, a lot, and we shopped. I bought $25 worth of fresh, organic cherries, apples, figs, and plapples. Yes, plapples. A plapple is a hybrid mix of pears and apples. Looks like an apple, tastes like an apple, but has the soft, seedy texture, and slight sour aftertaste, of a pear. It is so delicious. I also purchased $10 worth of gourmet chocolate (that I ended up giving to my litter sister), and I finally got my churro fix that I anticipated for throughout the whole trip.

Location #3: Palo Alto, CA.
We ended the trip in between Palo Alto and Mountain View where I had Phil's Coffee for the first time. My friend said, 'This coffee will blow your mind,' and indeed it did. It blew my mind so hard, that I am going back for more next weekend despite the distance. I had the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee, and let me tell as to why I loved it to life. I am a lover of coffee, but I like my coffee a certain way. Either the way I make it in the morning, black with sugar. Or, iced, and more on the watery side than creamy side. For example, I hate mochas. Thick, chocolatey goodness, is not goodness at all to me. McDonals Hazelnut Iced Coffee on the other hand, pure perfection. I digress. The Mint Mojito at Phil's was the perfect balance of creamy, watery, and minty. Here is the punch: Phil's coffee uses actual mint leaves and none of that mint syrup extract crap. When you drink the coffee, you get little bits of mint leaves in your mouth that you nibble on and it leaves your breath fresh and clean, unlike drinking regular, thick coffee where your breath is left passing people out from the smell. It was so delicious, I highly recommend it. It was a nice way to end the day.

I thought the coffee saved my life because I went home knowing I had a test to study for. So I studied, I memorized everything, only to find out that the test is not until Wednesday. Well, at least that means I get to relax until then.


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