Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Noyce

I like the three hour gap I have in between class and work. It gives me some alone time away from homework, people, and the outside world in general. I usually like to take power naps, or catch up on my favorite series, but today I went out and about to buy gifts for little Noyce, who is not so little anymore.

I find it amazing to watch someone you have known for so long grow into such a lady. I have watched Noyce grow throughout the years and she has blossomed. She is going to make a fine woman.

I bought her a couple of gifts for when she moves into her new Hansel and Gretel house. I love buying presents. Not to receive something in return, not for the pride, or for the feeling of surprising someone. There is just some kind of satisfaction knowing that someone else knows that I was thinking about him/her. That someone took the time and effort to make a special day a little more special.

Presents are just great. Noyce is great. Happy birthday.

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