Saturday, September 8, 2012


I did absolutely nothing today!

Just kidding. It probably feels that way because I spent the whole morning/afternoon lounging around my house.

I made an appointment with my optometrist, and I scored an appointment on the same day. The style of my glasses are really outdated and I kind of miss wearing contact lenses. After the optometrist, I took my sister out to eat.

I spent the rest of my afternoon lounging around my house again until my partner got out of work. We ate our usual pho place and talked about how many years we have been going to that place.

The last activity for the night was going to the house of mi amigo to watch movies and eat junk. We watched Mr. Nobody, which was surprisingly good, and we ate homemade cookies, pesto pizza, and pasta.

I then went home and fell asleep with my lover at my side.

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