Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today was such a great day.

I was suppose to wake up an hour earlier than usual, but since I stayed up at such an unreasonable time for the nonsense things I was doing in the first place, I decided to hit the snooze button for another hour. Oh yes, I was suppose to wake up an hour earlier so I could go running around my neighborhood. I digress.

Today was such a great day.

Since the new mod at university started, everything in the class is switching up: the new students, the lectures, and the labs. Today for lab, we had hands on training for IV compounding. Our teacher gave us syringes, needles, vials, and IV bags with solution that glowed in the dark. To summarize it all up, we have to transfer the vial solution into the IV bag without spilling or squirting everywhere. The vial was considered 'chemotherapy' and since chemotherapy can cause cancer as well as treat it, spilling the glow in the dark solutions meant that we were exposing the cancer to our coworkers. So each person transferred the solutions, then when finished, the teacher went over our work pads with a black light to search for any spilled solution. I passed with flying colors but the girl next to me on the other hand ....let us just say, everything the teacher does, she does the opposite. For example, when capping the needles, we are not suppose to cap it the way you cap a pen. We have to scoop the cap from the table to prevent getting stabbed from the needle. To demonstrate how terrible the girl next to me was, imagine being pierced twice, and blood filling up both of her gloves.

I stayed up two hours past my comfortable bed time and every time I stay up, I always feel the need to nap before work. So after class I took a much needed two hour nap to make up for the two hours of doing nothing (even though it is psychologically proven that you can never catch up on sleep).

Payday is always suppose to be the fifth of every month, but this month, they were two days late even though they had a four day weekend to finish the paycheck of everyone. I am not complaining though because since I always close, I got my paycheck a day earlier than everyone else. I was also treated to some Moon Cake from my main boss. Because I stay at work so late, my bosses always feed me with a variety of Chinese food I have never tried. It is so nice of them.

Here is a photo of some dinner they treated to me a couple of weeks ago.

It is almost nine o'clock and I am just waiting on everyone to come home so we can celebrate a birthday with lasagna, ice cream cake (courtesy of me), and bowling. I love no homework nights.

Today was such a great day.


  1. I never did like moon cake.. Or those sesame buns. And it's not because I've eaten a lot of them. Come to think of it, I don't like Chinese cuisine very much, unless it's seafood/vegetable dishes. They are delish. Totally random and unimportant but I just wanted to share. Eheheheheh

    1. You know, the first time my boss gave me the sesame bun, I had no idea how I was going to eat it. I guess it has an acquired taste. I thought the moon cake was delish though because I have this obsession with mung beans, and the cake she gave me had a mung bean center!