Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome back!

Today ....was the first day of school!

For all the little children at my work. This year was so much more organized than last year. Last year there were children running around everywhere! There were name tags, and yelling, and arguments, but this year, it was exciting!

My favorite thing about my job is seeing how the children have grown. My babies that were second graders when I first started, had their first day of fourth grade today. Oh my goodness, I wanted to tear up. And two of my girls who I love dearly (and who did not come over the summer) came back today.

I will call the first one ATu, and the second one JWu.

ATu came back today with a haircut exactly like mine! It was so funny. JWu came back and the first thing she said to me was, 'I stayed home all summer ....and got fat.'

My second graders last year started third grade today and all the teachers that taught them over the summer always come up to me at work to say what a good job the other two teachers and I did on making them the well behaved students they are, chuckle~

I see the first graders now, and they are not babies anymore. They use the bathroom by themselves, they speak in full sentences, and they know how to hold a pencil. It is so overwhelming.

I get really scared when I realize how tall the students are growing. One of the third graders last year left for summer at the height of my shoulders, and she came back taller than me! I had to look up to her when I said hi.

I am also very satisfied with my second graders now. They are all dolls. They are also really smart. This batch of children know more multiplication tables now, than my second graders last year knew by the end of second grade.

Another nice thing about today was, my favorite coworker, Richard, is back from Taiwan. Which means my other favorite coworker, Douglas, will be leaving for school soon, cries~ I like having Richard around. Brian and Richard talk all the time, so having Richard around feels familiar, like having Brian at work again.

I have a feeling that this school year is going to be a good one. My job is so rewarding.

I love seeing them grow to be such beautiful, intelligent, and funny children. Happy first day of school!

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