Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sundays with my lady

Today my lady friend and I adventured off to a nice place on this side of California.

I wanted to take her to Philz Coffee because she is my coffee mate and she is just good company.

At first, I was confused, more angry, on why a city would put two of the same coffee shops in one area, just down the street from one another. But then I thought about my area, and all the Starbucks and Sujus we have. I digress.

We ended up at the more modern Philz Coffee where we ordered coffee anyway, which we should not have. I got the both of us what was suppose to be a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee, but really tasted like run down cigarette water. We drank it anyway, because we are coffee people.

Half way through the cup, I was disappointed with her Philz Coffee experience, so obviously I demanded that we go to the hip Philz Coffee that had shady otudoor seating and REAL mint mojitos. So she agreed.

We shared a large the second time around, and lounged.

She then took me to IKEA where she discovered that it was my first time there. God, it was amazing. Since I treated her to coffee, she treated me to macaroni and cheese, and she helped herself to fifteen meatballs. Fifteen meatballs. Fifteen.

We ended the night getting our book fix at the only bookstore in town.

She is such a fun lady. Fine lady. Super fine.

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