Friday, September 7, 2012

Bon anniversaire

When I was a child, I did not realize it before, but my mother took my sisters and I on a lot of adventures. Perhaps that is why I am adventurous till today, I got it from my mother. One of our most noted adventures, was going to a corner cafe on Market Street, buying coffee and doughnuts, and walking the streets of San Francisco. We always ended the night at Twin Peaks, freezing our bahamas off.

Well after years of school, work, and seeing other people, we finally had the time and interest of going back to that corner cafe. It was strange. When I was a child, I never bothered trying to figure out where I was while my parents drove. I always sat, and enjoyed the ride, because that is what my mother always told me to do. 'Where are we going?' Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. So last night, when we were taking turns, going over pot holes and speed bumps, making U-turns, and driving on railroads, I thought it so amazing how I always knew where we were. I knew the buildings, the turns, the signs, and the directions.

My favorite thing about tonight is probably being able to share it with new people, like my partner. He has never been, and he kind of panicked because he is unfamiliar with the streets of the city, but he made it through. He also finally got to experience the view from the top of Twin Peaks.

We also saw a raccoon. 'I look like a raccoon in the morning when I forget to take my eyeliner off the night before.'

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